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Established in 1952 as a small entrepreneurial group with a turnover of Rs.10,000 , today EVM Group has gone on to become one of the most established networks of diverse companies. Right from our humble beginning through the hard work of over six decades, EVM has dared to dream big and dominate various business sectors while keeping with our primacies to maintain a customer-focused, value-based business capable of rising up to new challenges.

When the esteemed Mr E.V. Mathai established EVM Group as a modest venture dabbling in the market by selling spices, its current flamboyant standing in Indian entrepreneurial ladder must have seemed implausible. However his unwavering vision, tireless toil and altruistic leadership has unanimously led EVM to a position of owning about eighteen companies, including partnerships and limited ownership.


Our Vision

Our vision is to make EVM Group a globally recognized business group in the near future, providing top-notch services in entertainment, transportation, petroleum, rubber, hospitality, automobile, spices, hill produces and numerous other industries.



The extraordinary scope quality exhibited by EVM Group is majorly due to the homogeneous nature of our business; irrespective of the impending globalization of our network, this universal excellence will be ensured at all times.



More employment opportunities, well maintained package.VG-TAP is another initiative towards social responsibility by EVM with the support of parent company to provide very latest training to the scholars of Govt. ITI at Kalamassery.

Coming together is a Beginning. Keeping together is a Progress & Working together is a Success ...


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Today EVM Group has gone on to become one of the most established networks of diverse companies.

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